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Half a dozen characters are unceremoniously plonked into a mysterious room.Advice from my Universes to Yours Their only instruction is to help others. Meanwhile, characters from other universes are told to ask for advice. Will anyone be able to connect?

Rated: K
Categories: Enterprise, Alternate Original Series, Voyager, Expanded Universes, Crossovers Characters: Borodin, Branch (Colony Alien), Cavendish, Levi, Hayes, J., Markalis, Aurellan, O'Day, Lili, Quigley, John
Genre: Holidays
Warnings: Adult Language
Challenges: None
Series: In Between Days, Emergence, Interphases, Times of the HG Wells, Eriecho
Chapters: 12 Completed: Yes
Word count: 8644 Read: 26473
Published: 08 Dec 2013 Updated: 29 Dec 2013
Story Notes:

Written as a series of holiday gifts for 2013.

1. Prologue by jespah [Reviews - 2] (279 words)

Why have six characters from different time periods been tossed into this strange place? Can they really help each other, and other people? Will Levi fix the phase inverter? Will Jay have to fire his phase rifle? Will Dratha pass out from the bad smells? Will Eriecho keep her cool? Will Lili make a pumpkin pie?

And will Branch Borodin manage to not annoy everyone? 

Stay tuned.

2. John Quigley by jespah [Reviews - 3] (516 words)

kes7's John Quigley needs a little help.

3. Bethany Reeves by jespah [Reviews - 1] (632 words)

Bethany has a serious issue. Can our crack team of advisers manage to not screw it up?

4. Jessica St. Peter by jespah [Reviews - 3] (620 words)

Jessiy has questions about how to handle a certain officer serving under her. 

5. Andrew Corrigan by jespah [Reviews - 3] (971 words)

What to do about Abby?

6. Aurellan Markalis by jespah [Reviews - 2] (771 words)

Interpersonal relationships can be fraught with peril. Plus you can never have enough Stonds.

7. Srena by jespah [Reviews - 2] (1068 words)

All Srena wants is a little peace. Can the advisers help her find it?

8. Jasto Dax by jespah [Reviews - 1] (647 words)

How do you pick among disparate voices with different agendas? Our advisers are going to try to answer that one.

9. Veronica West, MD by jespah [Reviews - 1] (833 words)

Holidays sometimes bring up old memories, unbidden. Perhaps creative pursuits could help.

10. Spock by jespah [Reviews - 3] (962 words)

Can a man who is supposed to be free of emotions help another who is suffering from an excess of them?

11. Emmylou Galyaski by jespah [Reviews - 1] (930 words)

Once again, our advisors are in the middle of a serious problem. Can they focus long enough to help solve it?

12. Epilogue by jespah [Reviews - 1] (415 words)

Do they get back?