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Gifts for the holidays! Stocking Stuffers 2013Here are some ficlets set in others' universes. I hope I got the voices right.

Rated: K
Categories: Enterprise, Original Series, Voyager, Expanded Universes, Crossovers Characters: Chapel, Christine, Daniels, Icheb, Kozar, Ronnie, O'Connor, Maren, Quigley, John, Scott, Danny, Scott, Montgomery (Scotty), Uhura, Nyota
Genre: Angst, Family, Holidays, Humor
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: Times of the HG Wells
Chapters: 11 Completed: Yes
Word count: 8455 Read: 23052
Published: 07 Dec 2013 Updated: 28 Dec 2013

1. Anger Management (FalseBill’s universe) by jespah [Reviews - 3] (583 words)

When the first contact with the Centaurans goes wrong, wrong, wrong, Starfleet insists on a little reeducation.

2. I Wish They All Could Be California Girls (Templar Sora’s universe) by jespah [Reviews - 3] (555 words)

There's only one way this could have ended.

3. The Way of All Darkness (SLWalker’s universe) by jespah [Reviews - 3] (352 words)

Khan Noonien Singh said that it's very cold in space.

There are also parts that are very dark. This is one of them.

4. Unexpected Artistry (Kes7’s universe) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (731 words)

A Solstice carol.

5. In Space, No One Can Hear Bells (Captain Sarine's universe) by jespah [Reviews - 1] (545 words)

Damien and Kalara are apart during a special time of the year.

6. For a Moment (Enterprise1981’s universe) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (540 words)

Old debts are paid, before they are again renewed, as a cosmic wheel turns.

7. Comfort and Joy (TOS universe - gift to Mackenzie Calhoun, Strider, Gatekeeper and Lil Black Dog in particular) by jespah [Reviews - 4] (1007 words)

Remembering the less fortunate is a cornerstone of the holidays, and Nyota Uhura lives that every day. This is one day in particular.

8. The White City (thebluesman’s universe) by jespah [Reviews - 1] (1465 words)

Technology can often be indistinguishable from magic.

9. The Master of Disguise (Trekfan’s universe) by jespah [Reviews - 1] (1048 words)

Danny Scott was a precocious child in more ways than one.

10. Tell Me Your Troubles and Doubts (Ce Jay’s universe) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (1021 words)

When you can't be with family, sometimes you can get support from a stranger.

11. Auld Lang Syne by jespah [Reviews - 1] (608 words)

When time is your business, and the calendar page turns, what do you think of? Do you look to the future and its promise? Or to the past, with its regrets? Or do you just ignore it all, and party like it's 1999?