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What if you could bend time, or at least could see where others had bent it?

This is a collection of stories which take place within the Times of the HG Wells universe (a sequel universe to In Between Days), or have something to do with any of the principals in that series, or their counterparts. The principals are: canon character Temporal Agent Richard Daniels, HD Avery, Daniel Beauchaine, Sheilagh Bernstein, Branch Borodin, Admiral Carmen Calavicci, Dr. Marisol Castillo, Levi Cavendish, Otra D’Angelo, Thomas Grant, Deirdre Katzman, Kevin O’Connor, Polly Porter, Crystal Sherwood and Dr. Boris Yarin.

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The works are in chronological order by their main time periods. Longer books, including prequels (even works from In Between Days if they are also within the HG Wells universe) and the eight big books, are listed chronologically with teaser copy and dates, but only with a link to where a book is already posted.

The eight main books are divided into three sections: Clockworks CoverSection I is called Repairs, and contains A Long, Long Time Ago; Ohio and You Mixed-Up Siciliano. Section II is called Complications and contains Spring Thaw and Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain. Section III is called Unravelings and contains The Point is Probably Moot; Shake Your Body and He Stays a Stranger.

Times of the HG Wells refers to the voyages of that time ship and the general workings of the 31st and 32nd century Temporal Integrity Commission. The structure of the eight big books is meant to be a serial evocative of the season-long canon ENT Xindi arc, where all of the stories were interrelated. 

As always, I thank you for reading, reviewing and inspiring.

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Published: 29 Jun 2012 Updated: 06 Dec 2014

1. November 13th by jespah [Reviews - 1] (913 words)

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In 2234, Craig Willets remembers an odd message from 2151.

2. Desperation by jespah [Reviews - 1] (923 words)

In 3069, four-year-old Otra D’Angelo proves to be more than a match for her exasperated parents, Marco and Chefra.

3. Recruitment by jespah [Reviews - 0] (2355 words)

In 3087, a young Andorian is recruited to work at Section 31 by Agent Daniel Beauchaine and others.

4. The Honky Tonk Angel by jespah [Reviews - 0] (982 words)

Kevin O’Connor and Jhasi Tantharis go on their first date, on December 21, 3088.

5. Briefing by jespah [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

In 3096, Richard Daniels joins the Temporal Integrity Commission.

6. Auld Lang Syne by jespah [Reviews - 0] (606 words)

As 1999 changes over to 2000, and 3099 and changes to 3100, Richard Daniels reflects on his life.

7. Preparations by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1284 words)

In early 3101, Richard is prepared for his 1699 Penn’s Woods trip by Crystal Sherwood.

8. First Born by jespah [Reviews - 0] (19 words)

Richard Daniels’s careless decision by inaction rips through the timeline in both universes.

Takes place in 3101 and references AD 79, 1699, 1929, 2151, 2156, 2258 and 3098.

9. Marvels by jespah [Reviews - 0] (2103 words)

In 3102, Richard and a historian are accidentally sent to 1417 Cordoba instead of 1616 Padua, and Rick meets Irene of Castile.

10. Pat the Bunny by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1341 words)

In 3104, Richard Daniels and Aramjul Sika travel to 2012 and find out just why the Borg never really got any traction in the Mirror Universe.

11. Where O Where by jespah [Reviews - 0] (669 words)

On October 12, 3104, a teenaged HD Avery makes it clear that he will never become a farmer like his parents.

12. Candy by jespah [Reviews - 0] (954 words)

Kevin and Josie prepare for May 4, 3108, a special day on Tandar Prime.

13. Temper by jespah [Reviews - 0] (17 words)

He really didn’t want to go back there.

It was the last thing he wanted to do.

But it was his family that was at stake, so he put everything aside, and went anyway.

Could he put back what had gone haywire?

Beginning on the first of February, 2161, with some incoherence to May of that year, the story contains flashes forward to December 26, 2166 and June of 2178.

14. Fortune by jespah [Reviews - 0] (51 words)

How do you begin, or begin anew?

What’s going to happen next?

What if you could predict it, or at least have a good handle on forever?

What would you do with that information?

And for the people you’ve promised yourself to, forever, what does that really mean? Do you ignore the truth, or do you listen to all of it, even the ugliest parts?

The story begins on October 25, 2161, and contains flashbacks to events taking place between 2128 and 2157, and flashes forward to events taking place from 2165 through 2234, with extreme future flash forwards to 2379, 2991 and 3109. Also directly shows events in January of 2162.

15. A Lesson by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1774 words)

In January of 3109, Eleanor Daniels lectures young students on the ways of the Mirror Universe.

16. A Long, Long Time Ago by jespah [Reviews - 0] (18 words)

In 3109, someone was going around in time, putting things right that once went wrong.

And while it seemed like it could be a good idea, it wasn’t.

For every time one thing was changed, a thousand others were. And inevitably, things were worse than before. And the do-gooder’s definition of right and wrong wasn’t the best of standards. 

This kind of meddling threatened space and time, yet the meddlers – who thought these were good deeds – weren’t stopping.

It was up to Rick to put back the original history, whatever it was.

17. Ohio by jespah [Reviews - 1] (10 words)

In later 3109, Senior Temporal Agent Rick Daniels takes new Agent Sheilagh Bernstein on a training mission to May 4, 1970 – Kent State University. This time, they had no one to blame but themselves. 

Time was again messed up, but no one else was at fault. Still, someone was watching, and taking notes.

And they had their own dilemma to deal with – how do you decide who lives, and who dies? Who’s worthy of saving?

18. You Mixed-Up Siciliano by jespah [Reviews - 0] (7 words)

In late 3109, they went on vacation; just the two of them, to Italy, in 1960 as, at the same time, an Agent was taken.

And it was fun, until the other side caught up with them. Then it got very uncomfortable, and they debated the morality of it all again.

And again, they wondered – just who is worth saving?

19. Another Piece of the Action by jespah [Reviews - 0] (18 words)

On January 14th of 3110, Rick, Sheilagh and Deirdre have to help Kirko and the boys deal with continuing Prime Directive violations on Sigma Iotia II, in 2284.

20. Spring Thaw by jespah [Reviews - 0] (6 words)

In March of 3110, Rick Daniels heads to 1969 Prague in order to assure that Prague Spring ends and the Iron Curtain stays up. On the way, he meets an intriguing woman, and begins to understand just how difficult good-byes really can be.

21. Souvenirs by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1075 words)

On March 27th of 3110, Rick dictates a log entry and comes clean about his conquests.

22. Where the Wind Comes Sweepin' Down the Plain by jespah [Reviews - 0] (12 words)

In May of 3110, Daniel Beauchaine is tasked with stopping Timothy McVeigh from causing the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Can Richard Daniels put back the bombing without losing his own moral compass?

23. The Point is Probably Moot by jespah [Reviews - 0] (7 words)

In August of 3110, the 1981 assassination of Anwar Sadat and the 2192 Mirror Universe are but pawns in a chess game being played by the Temporal Integrity Commission's enemies.

24. Shake Your Body by jespah [Reviews - 0] (7 words)

In August of 3110, time begins to really unravel as bodies litter the Temporal Integrity Commission. Daniels travels to 2192 as his fellow agents handle issues in 1986 and 1957.

25. One Last Gift by jespah [Reviews - 0] (501 words)

An embellished scene from Shake Your Body – Boris Yarin and Marisol Castillo meet their ends.

26. He Stays a Stranger by jespah [Reviews - 0] (8 words)

In August of 3110, Richard Daniels travels back from 2192 to find that he has been wiped from existence, and his own mother doesn’t even know him. Working with the Temporal Integrity Commission, he has to get back to 2192 as repairs have to be made to 1964 and 1994, and a detour to 1969 finds him breaking the Commission’s biggest rule before a second return to 3110, for a final showdown.

27. It's Not Really a Reset if you remember it by jespah [Reviews - 1] (1640 words)

On August 8, 3110, the department goes out to the Tethys Tavern to try to forget what has happened, as Carmen in particular is affected. 

28. The Sweetest Universe by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1200 words)

On September 2, 3110, Levi makes interdimensional pie #49 for everyone.

29. Paradox by jespah [Reviews - 0] (5 words)

In which humanity's survival depends on Levi Cavendish's social skills.   Takes place in 3110.

30. Calendar Turning Event #3111 by jespah [Reviews - 1] (2690 words)

Otra throws a party for New Year’s but Carmen and Levi are waylaid for a while.

31. Happy Stuff 3111 by jespah [Reviews - 1] (100 words)

Sheilagh and HD celebrate the end of the year holidays.

32. Mirror Masquerade by jespah [Reviews - 0] (6 words)

In 3111, Otra has a vision of a temporal, somatic and spatial switcheroo that overwhelms her.

33. Survey Says ... by jespah [Reviews - 0] (7 words)

In February of 3111, Levi struggles with his feelings about Otra.

34. Meeting of the Minds by jespah [Reviews - 0] (1139 words)

In April of 3111, Levi takes Otra home to meet his mother.

35. Dishing it Out by jespah [Reviews - 0] (10 words)

In 3131, the Temporal Integrity Commission sends Lili Beckett and Naurr to correct a megaotric event involving the Empress Hoshi Sato and some unauthorized cookbooks.