Barnstorming by jespah
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Dana ("Mack") MacKenzie lost almost 2 decades of her life to false imprisonment in Canamar. BarnstormingFramed for smuggling the drug Etrotherium, life passed her by as she lost her shortstop's job with the Titan Bluebirds. And she never got almost 20 years' worth of letters from her second cousin, Martin Madden.


Now she's got a chance. She's got a new Gorn ship, shaped like a cylinder, that's she's dubbed the Cookie. Her new engineer, Wesley Crusher, is back from time with the mysterious Traveler. Her communications officer is a third caste Daranaean artist named Crita. And her pilot is an Orion-Betazoid hybrid, Daniya.


She's hiring team members. They're going to barnstorm the galaxy, even though Mac is now fifty and not what she once was. But there's a bit of barely legal technology on the Cookie, and someone wants it – someone who's going to get on her team, by any means necessary. And there are others who want it, too, and are willing to kill for it. 


And what of Marty Madden? He's been supervising a project where he and Geordi LaForge have been detecting odd energy readings, something about a hydrogen line that doesn't match the one in our universe. Someone's knocking from another universe. Someone who maybe they shouldn't let in.


Mack and Marty hold a legacy in their genes, as do only a few other people. The descendants of Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett are going to have their hands full soon.

Categories: Enterprise, Next Generation, Mirror Universe, Expanded Universes
Characters: Beckett, Doug Hayes, O'Day, Lili
Genre: Action/Adventure, Family, Het, Mystery, Romance
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The All-Stars by jespah    Rated: T      Reviews (14

It was a time for new beginnings, for a woman who had over half of her adult life stolen and for her cousin, a new job and new challenges. The All-StarsIt promised a new life for a young man with few plans and no real direction. It was a chance for three women to change their lives, and for fifty athletes to do something new. And there was a secret project by Section 31 that threatened to break a treaty and had the potential to open up a portal to another universe while someone out there – whose intentions were unknown – was trying to get in.

Chapters: 21    Table of Contents
Categories: Next Generation, Expanded Universes
Characters: Crusher, Wesley, La Forge, Geordi, Picard, Jean-Luc
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Family
Warnings: None
Series: Barnstorming
Completed: Yes    Word count: 57942    Read Count: 38354
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The Stranger by jespah    Rated: K+    Liked  Reviews (46

Time Traveler Rick Daniels spends the beginning of the 3100s bedding women in time, to try to ease his guilt at witnessing some of the worst moments of the prime timeline.

Chapters: 7    Table of Contents
Categories: Enterprise, Next Generation, Mirror Universe
Characters: Daniels, Ensemble Cast - ENT, Ensemble Cast - TNG, Sato, Hoshi
Genre: Angst, Drama, Family, Romance
Warnings: Adult Situations
Series: Times of the HG Wells, Barnstorming
Completed: Yes    Word count: 2972    Read Count: 12963
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