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Bio: I've been a Star Trek fan since 2009 after the first reboot movie came out, and since then I've delved into the original franchise, having seen it as a kid with my dad while it was on the air. My favorite series are TNG and DS9, so most of my fics will be taking place in that time period.

Also, I'm a huge Romulan fan; they're my favorite villains in the series, and I find their episodes to be the most compelling (I like me some cloak-and-dagger and political intrigue).
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Stories by CelticRomulan
The Price of Deception by CelticRomulan    Rated: K+      Reviews (2
Summary: While on a mission that many of the Enterprise crew believe to be a First Contact encounter, the away team, comprised of Cdr. Riker, Data, and Lt. Yar, meet a seemingly primitive race, the Telavians, who claim their arrival is the result of an ancient prophecy. But as they become more acquainted with the natives, they discover the prophecy is actually a conspiracy to exploit the Federation, and that there is more to the Telavians than meets the eye.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Next Generation
Characters: Data, Ensemble Cast - TNG, Riker, William, Yar, Tasha
Genre: Action/Adventure, Family, Friendship, Mystery
Warnings: None
Series: None
Completed: No    Word count: 681    Read Count: 1528
[Report This] Published: 12 Jul 2013 Updated: 12 Jul 2013

The first installment of the Honor Among Thieves series, set in the Romulan Star Empire during the Dominion War.

Commander Aeryrn t'Laris, a seasoned soldier of the Romulan Star Navy, returns home for a brief reprieve after escaping from a Dominion prison. Instead of coming home to a peaceful shore leave with her family, she finds that she has no family to come home to...she receives word that the Tal'Shiar has arrested and executed her parents and younger brother for treason. As Aeryrn searches for the truth behind these accusations, she swears vengeance against the Tal'Shiar.

A mysterious vigilante offers to aid Aeryrn in her mission, but in return, she must return the the cost of her mnei'sahe, her honor.

Chapters: 2    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: None
Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Adult Language, Violence
Series: Honor Among Thieves
Completed: No    Word count: 2157    Read Count: 2135
[Report This] Published: 20 May 2013 Updated: 20 May 2013