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Bio: I've been a Star Trek fan since 2009 after the first reboot movie came out, and since then I've delved into the original franchise, having seen it as a kid with my dad while it was on the air. My favorite series are TNG and DS9, so most of my fics will be taking place in that time period.

Also, I'm a huge Romulan fan; they're my favorite villains in the series, and I find their episodes to be the most compelling (I like me some cloak-and-dagger and political intrigue).
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Series by CelticRomulan
Summary: Set on Romulus during the Dominion War, this series chronicles the adventures of Romulan vigilante Aeryrn t'Laris and her comrades as they pursue justice against the Tal'Shiar for the wrongs of which they stand accused. Inspired by the classic story of Robin Hood.
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Genre: Action/Adventure
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