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In the spirit of fun and adventure I humbly extend a challenge to the many fine writers of Ad Astra: Write a story that is within the universe of Unsung Heroes. It’s a round robin event organized as an open series meaning that you can post your own stories to the series, the various stories adding together like the chapters of a book. Prequel, sequel, TNG mirror universe – the galaxy’s the limit!

The instructions are simple. Read Star Trek HQ first and then come up with your own story that plays within the same ‘virtual sandbox’. Some good ideas for additional stories might be: ‘What did Amy do next?’, or, ‘What happened to Doctor Dunmore when he returned to Starfleet Command?’

And what of our new enemy? Although little is known about him, his powers of creation and destruction are very real. Originating from an entirely new faction of the Borg, it appears that the collective has changed its views on the importance and role of the individual. Can this Borg Homunculus – this drone that is not a drone – spawn entire new cubes faster than Starfleet can scream retreat?

If you send an email to pengraff@telus.net and request The Unsung Heroes Technical Guide I’ll send you some important information on how the technology that tried to save Commander Worf worked. Your story does not need to use any of this technology – it’s available merely as technical backstory that you might find useful.

I hope it’s as much fun for you as it has been for me!

Rated: K+
Categories: Next Generation Characters: Ensemble Cast - TNG
Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Character Death
Challenges: None
Series: Star Trek HQ : Episode 6 : Unsung Heroes
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
Word count: 19801 Read: 6151
Published: 28 Oct 2010 Updated: 05 Nov 2010
Story Notes:

Cadet Amy Crawford, completing her doctoral studies in the field of quantum optronic biology, reluctantly accepts a difficult assignment.

This story is dedicated to the many heroes of our time and the people behind their courageous deeds.

1. Act 1, Unsung Heroes by Samuel Pengraff [Reviews - 3] (4769 words)

2. Act 2, part 1 by KayCee [Reviews - 1] Liked (8425 words)

Following Commander Worf’s brave, last ditch effort to assure the Borg Homunculus would not threaten Earth, the doctoral student-cadets on Starbase 39-Sierra were given a difficult assignment – free Worf without allowing the most dangerous Borg yet to be encountered. In the first phase of that endeavor, the cadets proved themselves to be both brilliant and innovative. But the assignment didn’t end there for four of the cadets who “just…can’t…leave it alone.” This is the beginning of their story.

3. Act 2, part 2 by Samuel Pengraff [Reviews - 0] (6607 words)