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Summary: In the early 25th century, Captain Reynolds of the U.S.S. Hijinx teams up with Captain Iviok of the U.S.S. Jenova to catch the renegade Captain Menrow of the U.S.S. Crucial.
Rated: T
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Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor, Mystery
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Series: Star Trek: Phoenix-X, STO Phoenix Compendium
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 4255 Read: 54
Published: 25 Apr 2023 Updated: 25 Apr 2023
Story Notes:
This was written in May 2015, as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Unofficial Literary Challenge #11, and mashes up three of my latest alt Captains, Menrow, Iviok and Reynolds.

Unofficial Literary Challenge #11: Prompt #3: The unthinkable has happened. Word has reached your captain that a fellow commander in Starfleet/the KDF/the Republic Navy has gone rogue and committed a horrible crime. Perhaps this captain has subjugated an underdeveloped planet and set him/herself up as a god. Perhaps this captain has committed an atrocity against unarmed civilians, or lashed out and destroyed the ships of a former enemy. Regardless, your captain has been ordered to go after this rogue and bring him/her to justice...or failing that, to terminate this renegade's command with extreme prejudice. Write about your captain's hunt for the renegade and what he/she finds.

1. Better Angels of Our Nature by Hawku [Reviews - 0] (4255 words)