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Chapter Notes:

The infamous Dr. Bowman has conspired to keep the U.S.S. Hunter moored in dry dock just as the crew are desperate to return to Romulan space to search for their missing crew members...

Star Trek Hunter

Episode 19: The Ivonovic Commission

Scene 11: High and Dry


High and Dry

“Who is Dr. Bowman and why does he have any authority over when this ship leaves dry dock?” 

Commander Kenneth Dolphin was clearly frustrated. He paced around the Engineering Conference Room. Dr. Moon, Dr. Sun and Dr. Alstars, seated at the clear lacquer conference table, turned their heads in unison, tracking their new first officer back and forth as he paced.

“Sarekson brought Jack Bowman in as a consultant during the Hunter’s refit last time we were at Mars,” Moon replied. “He is one of Earth’s most brilliant mathematicians.”

“As the great man himself will tell anyone who will listen,” groused Alstars.

“Dr. Carrera told me never to trust him,” said Sun.

“So why would a mathematician have authority to keep us in dry dock?” Dolphin asked. “And it’s already been 2 days – why isn’t he here already?”

Alstars spoke up. “He is bringing a committee of Ph.D. candidates to inspect the Hunter. Apparently one of them is currently on vacation in the Andes…”

“He is playing a game, sir,” said Sun. 

“Okay Lieutenant Sun,” Dolphin started, “What game, and why?”

“The game is to keep us in dry dock waiting for him,” said Alstars. “Apparently indefinitely.”

Dr. Moon looked up. “Someone has put him up to this. Someone has offered him something. Can’t the captain do anything to get us underway?”

“It wouldn’t do any good,” Dolphin replied. He sat down at the clear lacquer conference table, dropped his hands onto the table with a thump, sighed. “We can only be tasked for the rescue by the Tribunal sharing us as a resource with one of the three founding governments. Our last mission was under the authority of the Vulcan High Command.”

“Could we not get the Andorian Empire to authorize a rescue mission?” Moon asked.

“It wouldn’t matter. The Tribunal won’t authorize it,” Dolphin responded.

“Then that’s why we’re stuck in dry dock,” Alstars said. “We have friends out there we want to rescue. That could drive even the most disciplined officers to an act of barratry.”

At that point the comm system came alive, bringing the unfamiliar voice of Eykirros Jones, the Ground Operations Department’s new ensign, into the conference room: “Commander Dolphin, I have a call for you from Rear Admiral Chekov.”

“Maybe I can find a shortcut out of this after all,” Dolphin said. “If you would, please give me the room.”

Dr. Moon stood up and ushered her officers out of the engineering conference room, closing the door behind her.

Dolphin waited until the door was closed, then said, “What are you waiting for, Ensign Jones? The admiral is a busy man. Put him through!” He smiled at the slight sound of panic in the new ensign’s voice.

“Sorry sir! Right away, sir!”


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