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Summary: April 5th, 2063: The planet Earth would encounter, for the first time in Human history, an alien species known as the Vulcans after achieving warp flight. Earth's first representative to the outside galaxy would be Zefram Cochrane, a man more flawed than history would ever remember. But Cochrane didn't achieve his warp flight without help ... or without drama. A series of unlikely events would lead him to avoiding death by cybernetic beings from the 24th century thanks to intervention from the Starfleet of that era. Instructed to remain silent about the true nature of his warp flight, history never recorded the actual events in one universe. In this one, however, Zefram Cochrane could not keep the truth to himself and his decision to tell would have far-reaching ramifications long after his death ...
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Published: 14 Feb 2017 Updated: 18 Feb 2017

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