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Summary: Sent to Nimbus III on the USS Grissom on an errand of diplomacy, Sarek has a chance encounter with a Klingon, Councilor Gorkon. Before he can get very far in negotiations, however, Sarek is forced to return to Vulcan upon the unexpected death of his son by Khan's hands.

As he struggles to understand the moral implications of the Genesis Project, Gorkon decides to accompany Sarek and Amanda back to Vulcan -- even as the Klingon Empire prepares for war.

And then there is Curzon Dax: a young man coming to Vulcan in the midst of an identity crisis. Paradoxically he is old enough to remember 150 years of one Vulcan's family history, and unlike Sarek and Amanda, he doesn't feel especially honor bound by Vulcan cultural taboos to keep his mouth shut.

During their strange time together, Gorkon's unexpected wisdom leads to some revelations concerning Sarek's relationship with Spock and his opinions of Spock's bondmate, and it helps guide Sarek's actions as he makes plans to visit Jim on Earth.
Rated: T
Categories: Expanded Universes, Original Series, Crossovers Characters: Ensemble Cast - Multiple, Grayson, Amanda, Kamarag, Kirk, James T., McCoy, Leonard (Bones), Sarek, Spock
Genre: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, General, IDIC, Romance, Slash, Tragedy
Warnings: Adult Language, Character Death
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Series: Tapestry
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Published: 30 Mar 2014 Updated: 10 Oct 2014
Story Notes:
"Children wish fathers looked but with their eyes; fathers that children with their judgment looked; and either may be wrong."

--excerpted from Capel Lofft's Aphorisms from Shakespeare (1812), based upon lines of Hermia and Theseus from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream


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There are many Klingon idioms used in this chapter, appearing in their genuine Klingon form. I provide literal translations within the chapter text, but I realize that the literal translations are meaningless to readers without further explanation for each phrase, which is provided in they order they appear in the chapter end notes. I apologize if you find it frustrating, needing to break the train of your reading to seek out an explanation in the end notes, before continuing onwards.

It's a stylistic choice that I've made, because I've put a lot of time into research for this story in order to portray Vulcan and Klingon culture in a way that aligns with what we know from canon. I realize that I could have written the chapter without using those idioms for the sake of immediate clarity, but I still opted to use them. Klingons have a way of perceiving the world that is at times very different from the way humans do. This is reflected in their language. Gorkon and Lorak are talking about things that they are very passionate about, and it seems appropriate that their form of speech becomes more fundamentally Klingon, expressed through the idiosyncracies of their perceptions and culture.