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Summary: Following in the footsteps of the Lives of Dax anthology, this little series of ficlets will trace the existence of the Dax symbiont through the days of the Fall of the Federation and the rule of the Dominion.

Part of the Restoration universe.

Begun as part of the Ficlet Flashdance during The Twelve Trials of Triskelion 2013
Rated: K
Categories: Alternate Universes, Deep Space Nine, Next Generation, Expanded Universes Characters: Data, Dax, Ezri, Dax, Jadzia, Ensemble Cast - DS9, Worf
Genre: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, General, Other
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Character Death
Challenges: None
Series: Star Trek: Restoration
Chapters: 7 Completed: Yes
Word count: 3407 Read: 14936
Published: 19 May 2013 Updated: 26 May 2013

1. The Battle of Kaskora by CaptainSarine [Reviews - 12] (498 words)

2. Ezri by CaptainSarine [Reviews - 9] (491 words)
Set shortly after the previous entry

3. The Battle of Bajor by CaptainSarine [Reviews - 10] (458 words)
Set 8 months after Jadzia Dax' death

4. Titan by CaptainSarine [Reviews - 8] (483 words)
Three months after the Battle of Bajor

5. The Death of Trill by CaptainSarine [Reviews - 10] (500 words)
Set three years after Ezri and Nog's arrival aboard the Titan

6. A Light in the Darkness by CaptainSarine [Reviews - 10] (480 words)
One year after the death of Trill

7. Calym by CaptainSarine [Reviews - 12] (497 words)
Set 53 years after the Fall of the Federation