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Harry J. Bentham is a British futurist writer with a recent history of published political nonfiction and original science fiction. He received a BA qualification in Politics and Religious Studies at Lancaster University in 2012, and has since received training in the Department of Work and Pensions. His work can be found at a number of online publications, including the radical newsletter Dissident Voice and the transhumanist publication h+ Magazine. His work, which has been favorably received by readers, has placed emphasis on global economic disparities and the benefits of technology-driven social change.

While still studying at university in 2010 and 2011, Harry advocated the theories of American Yale sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein authoring blogs and web videos. Immanuel Wallerstein’s sociology continues to be a key influence in his work.

Harry authored Red Skies, Superstructure, Why Transhumanism should be the Norm. Departing From Dystopian Science Fiction, The Nietzschean Tightrope-Walk, About the mystery “Mont Order” sect, A World Waiting On Post-Scarcity, Parables involving the Theft of Knowledge, and End of Places. Read his Dissident Voice articles and his Quantum Muse stories.
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