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Summary: Approximately seven years after the end of the Dominion War, Elim Garak and Dr. Julian Bashir have been enjoined for nearly six years and are living on Cardassia Prime where Julian works in the Capital’s hospital while Garak is involved in unspoken government work. They appear to be a very productive, very happy couple…but is all really well?

Because of his illegal enhancements, Julian is a Carrier; in other words, he has the parts to produce and carry children. Unfortunately for him, the process that made him who he is has also left him with flaws and those flaws complicate his and Garak's desire to have what they want most...a family.

Julian must not only come to terms with the complications, but also accept that he is not alone in dealing with his sorrow...
Rated: K+
Categories: Deep Space Nine Characters: Bashir, Julian, Ensemble Cast - Multiple, Garak, Elim, O'Brien, Miles, Quark, Sisko, Benjamin
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, IDIC, Mystery, Romance, Slash, Tragedy
Warnings: Adult Situations, Violence
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Word count: 1305 Read: 49
Published: 24 Feb 2023 Updated: 24 Feb 2023
Story Notes:
I wrote this specific story because I was diagnosed with a medical condition in late 2017 called endometriosis that may result in me not being able to have children and it made me wonder how couples handle that sort of news.

This story was also inspired by 'Alone, Together: Season One,' a multi-part series written by Matt Campbell for the Sid City Social Club. I didn't borrow anything from Matt's series, but I enjoyed watching it and offered to help him with the future of 'Alone, Together,' but he instead encouraged me to pursue creating my own works and I decided to follow his advice.

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