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DS9 Rebooting

Staff attempt to manage and monitor DS9 from its control room. They have to move and interact in very close quarters. DataEle coordinates their work on safety mode until Ops can be brought back on. Many systems are still offline or just all out malfunctioning.

DataEle: Habitat...
OpsStaff1: Reestablishing argon and nitrogen levels...
DataEle: Fusion reactors...
OpsStaff1: 65% operational...
DataEle: Docking Pylons...
OpsStaff2: Workable...
DataEle: Landing Pads...
OpsStaff2: Available...
DataEle: Deflector Shields...
OpsStaff2: Down...
DataEle: Weapons...
OpsStaff: Resetting...

Nobody asks him to participate; but Quark joins the recovery efforts before a console.

Quark: Ergonomics/Aesthetics... What is this?

DataEle ponders Quark’s interruption.
DataEle: An irrelevant reading...
Quark: It popped up on this console.
OpsStaff1: That’s the old restoration project; I believe.
DataEle: Correct...
Quark: What about my bar? I don’t see it.

DataEle takes a quick look.
DataEle: Not in the options menu. The plan was to upgrade habitat and docking facilities.

Staff can hardly contain their laughs as Quark expresses contempt by biting his lip.

DataEle: Promenade...
OpsStaff1: Sealed...
DataEle: Ops...
OpsStaff2: Contained...
DataEle: Deactivate emergency bulkheads...
OpsStaff1: Initiating sequence...

Quark insists in providing unsolicited assistance.
OpsStaff2: Don’t touch that!
Quark messes up with safety.
Computer: Hazardous Environment! Setting-up safeguards protocols...
Quark inadvertently triggers alarm sirens and signaling horns all over the place. Gas fire suppressant gets released in the Promenade.

Quark: What? What happened?
DataEle: I can’t yet let you go you back to your bar.
Quark: Why not? I have things to do... like repairing my Dabo Wheel for instance.

DataEle points at a monitor showing a smoky Promenade.
DataEle: You don’t want to go in there. It’s unbreathable.
OpsStaff1: T-Rated firestops in code compliance. Ventilating...

Viewscreen suddenly comes back online. Voyager appears stably docked to a pylon, hiding inside a few well kept secrets of its own. OpsStaff2 reports good news.

OpsStaff2: Transceiver is back on!

Quark contemplates Voyager on screen... not without a little resentment. Deep inside his Ferengi heart,.. he is happy to see Janeway and Voyager to be soon on their way.

Quark: This Voyager people... they are good!

DataEle: I reckon they appear to be of good character.

Quark: I don’t mean “good” like in nice... but “good” like in at what they do!

DataEle: Oh! I understand. You mean they are effective. I infer they must pass through a rigorous screening process in order to become part of the crew.

Quark: Probably ... you fast learner!
Quark thinks his conversation with DataEle has turned overly silly.

DataEle: Don’t you think they are of good character as well?

Quark: Sure! They are... They made a mess out there. She didn’t let me conduct any salvage operations to compensate for losses and then, they just go ahead and leave to to the Delta Quadrant. What for? To visit 37 humans castaway somewhere.

OpsStaff1: There are way more than 37 these days.

DataEle ignores Quark’s summary and shocks him with a foregone conclusion.

DataEle: I think I now get your apprehension. You must report your losses to the Ferengi Liquidator and you don’t have a warrantor.

Quark: Smart girl indeed...

Back in the Bridge

Janeway: Hi Tom! Welcome back to the helm.

Tom Paris: My pleasure; Vice-Admiral…

Janeway: How’s B’Elanna?

Tom Paris: She is not... very happy.

Janeway: I’m sorry to hear that.

Borg Queen feels flabbergasted by the whole experience and would appreciate some clarification.

Queen: I require your update on negotiation status.

Janeway: You all have been granted asylum. You’ll help us to protect our kind and we will assist you with bio-weaponry. We’re not at war with 8472s; and you can’t interfere in our operations. Agreed?

Queen: Affirmative! I will comply with negotiation. Borg require now to regenerate.

Janeway: Seven! Please; take our Borg guests to their alcoves.

Seven: You all come with me!

Seven shows the way and runs into Neelix. He’s a little... lost.

Neelix: Seven! I’m kind of disoriented. I don’t know what’s happening. All this vintage Borg industrial architecture and art nouveau... too much going on. Can you take me to the bridge? I need to talk urgently to Vice-Admiral Janeway.

Queen: Borg don’t do art nouveau.

Though true; Seven ignores Queen’s comment.

Seven: No Neelix; I won’t do that. My post is in the Astrometrics Lab.

Neelix: But; I must bring a little something to her attention.

Seven: I strongly advise you don’t storm the bridge with snacks.

Neelix: You’re hilarious! Seriously; it’s important. I don’t find any cabbage or potatoes for my famous inter-constellational soups.

Neelix catches Queen’s attention. Good recruits are always welcome in her Collective.
Queen: You’re Species 218. What’s your function on this vessel?

Neelix: 218! You’re right. I almost forgot it. I’m a Guide. I know where to find supplies and stuff in the Delta Quadrant.

Queen: A pathfinder! Interesting... But; you seem inefficient finding vegetables. If you wish; I could assimilate you in my Collective. You’ll make an excellent combat drone... with such a dense upper body.

Seven talks to Queen as if Neelix is not present.

Seven: He knows. I once told him of his Species’ significance for Borg.

Neelix: Your offer is tempting; but I like my current lifestyle with plenty of personal thoughts and memories.

Seven provides Neelix with relevant information.

Seven: Neelix! Miral Paris is in charge of Hydroponics. She might be able to direct you.

Neelix leaves disappointed. The two Borg ladies got a little bit in his nerves. Queen clarifies with Seven a misconception about her Collective.

Queen: He’s mistaken. My drones keep their reflections and recollections. I read them all and coordinate actions to attain perfection.

Seven: The Hive Mind then must have been thrilled with the prospects of your own Collective.

Queen stares at a Betazoid couple passing by with a cart; carrying ice, fruits, seafood and veggies. They walk embracing each other. Seven and the female Betazoid goggle each other again. Seven internalizes conflicting thoughts.

Seven: You’re not supposed to walk across the ship with food and drinks.

Veya: Commander Kim allowed it. I’m Veya. He’s Lodom. We’re Honeymooners.

Lodom: You’re welcome to join us.

Queen entertains carnal ideas.

Queen: Naughty! I don’t think I have tried a foursome before or... maybe I have. Not sure!

Seven: Inappropriate proposal ensigns...

Veya and Lodom feel amuse. Seven and the Borg Queen obviously don’t know much about Betazoid relationships.

Lodom: Oh no! HaHaHa You Borg ladies are funny. I meant nothing sexual... not yet anyway!

Veya: But very intense; way better than sex actually.

Queen: I must decline then. I have to regenerate!

Seven gets hesitated. She feels an urge to break away.

Seven: Yes! We better go. Enough intensity for the day.

They leave. Seven remains troubled. “What happened back there?” She reflects. “Am I feeling attracted to that Betazoid girl?

Veya and Lodom walk in the elevator. Door closes behind them.

Veya: You are tremendous. You like her. Don’t you?

Lodom: Who? The Queen?

Veya: Not the Queen! Seven... there is something about her.

Veya likes Seven too.
Lodom: You can’t deny her sex appeal. The Queen on the other hand...

Veya: She’s a very strange Borg. I don’t remember seeing anything like her in the archives from the Delta Quadrant.

Lodom: Well; It seems... that even Borg have freaks in their ranks.

Veya: HeHeHe! We better stay away from her.

Borg Queen and Seven continue their conversation as they walk towards the alcoves.

Queen: Species 1599! They’re difficult to read.

Seven: You seem animated by their presence.

Queen: And you don’t? I yearn to blend with them. I like ice as well.

Seven: They’re already… blended to each other; I believe.

Queen: You! You’re an appealing female. What’s your pairing status?

Seven: I’m not looking. Your alcove Queen...


Chakotay: Engineering; please report on Warp-Drive!

B’Elanna: I can’t believe you let my daughter to come along. I bet your animal guide told you it was all right. What is it then; if I may know? Some kind of wild dog?

Chakotay: Commander Torres; this is the bridge. You’re way out of line.

Tom makes signs to Chakotay.

Tom Paris: Tom to B’Elanna; are you okay?

B’Elanna: No; I’m not okay. I feel miserable as a mother.

Tom Paris: She’s my daughter too; you know. I understand what you’re going through; but we all need you strong down there.

Bhytor juts before B’Elanna…

Bhytor: Starlight may not give life to crops without soil and moisture.

Bhytor fades out...

B’Elanna: This kid! What’s his name? Bhytor! He was just here and creeped me out. He said something... agricultural and left. Anyhow; I keep forgetting Miral, our daughter, is a senior cadet about to graduate from Starfleet.

Tom listens...

Tom Paris: Yes; I know. I sometimes forget it too.

B’Elanna: B’Elanna to Bridge! Captain Chakotay; I apologize for my unfair remarks. Warp-Drive is up and running!

Janeway: Well; you all heard B’Elanna. First Officer; execute!

Chakotay: Helmsman! Lay in a course and clear departure with DS9.

Tom Paris: Yes Sir! Course laid-in. DataEle cleared us!
Chakotay: Gear up thrusters!

Harry Kim: Thrusters all set!

Chakotay: Initiate Launch Sequence!

Tom Paris: Sequence underway!

Chakotay: Kathryn! Maximum Warp?

Janeway: Absolutely! Engage!

Voyager departs ahead of luminous streams.

Tuvok’s Recovery

Tuvok wakes up in sickbay feeling much better.

Doctor: Well! This is what I call an unexpected recovery.

Tuvok: I’m afraid that’s unattainable. I suffer from Bendii Syndrome, a degenerative neurological illness. The Iruhe deity digs my mind out.

Doctor: This is how it works. I’m your Doctor. You’re our Security Chief. I am who runs diagnosis around here. BS only afflicts elderly Vulcans.

Tuvok: I’m a 140 years old Vulcan.

Doctor: In Calendar days; you certainly are. Results of your Medical Exam however are consistent with a 115 y/o mature Vulcan male.

Tuvok: But... I just suffered a Bendii seizure.

Doctor: No; you did not. Cellular rejuvenation shocked your hippocampus.

Tuvok: You must be certain. I could harm non-Vulcan crew members by involuntarily projecting in them distress and violence.

Doctor: Thamas screened your Metathalamus. Remission is definite. Neuron-impulses now flow normally to your audiovisual cortex.

Tuvok: I’m then cured.

Doctor: No! You’re not yet sick. You are too young for that.
Tuvok frowns at Doctor’s comment.

Dinner for Two

Seven and Chakotay get together for dinner.

Neelix: And right from my Mess Hall Grill; a Boray Sea Bass Fillet topped with crusted nuts for Seven and a Stuffed Enara Trout wrapped up with Targ Bacon for Chakotay. I didn’t have much time to get fancy with salads... so here you go.

Seven murmurs...

Seven: Cabbage and potatoes...

Chakotay: Thanks Neelix; this plate seems a savory choice.

Neelix waits for Seven. Chakotay makes a “be nice” gesture.

Seven: Mine looks... unpredictable.

Neelix takes her comment as positive and smiles back at her.

Neelix: Enjoy your meal! I got to go and warm up in my quarters. I have these Goosebumps!

Neelix leaves. Chakotay yawns. Seven detours her attention towards the skylight.

Chakotay: You’re so quiet. I feel awkward... like a generation apart.

Seven: I apologize; but since we left the Ranch, my ocular implant picks up micron light dots gatherings outside Voyager. I’m not certain what it is. It might not be even real.

Tom Paris at the helm...

Tom Paris: Scary...

In Engineering B’Elanna analyzes readings.

B’Elanna: You got to be kidding me! Nobody can’t see that well.

B’Elanna returns her attention to a console. She’s concerned with an encryption. Tuvok meditates in his Quarters.

Tuvok: Her neural-Borg-circuitry could have been upgraded by her nano-probes.

Janeway gets ready for bed.

Janeway: Her ocular implant may be too sensitive and require calibration; Doctor?

Doctor pop-ups at Dinner and scans Seven. Chakotay is visibly annoyed.

Doctor: Seven may very well be the high point of avant-garde evolution. She does posses extreme visual acuity in her bio-synthetic eye. She could be a great artist!

Doctor fades away. Chakotay looks hacked off.

Chakotay: I’m glad we managed to speak out our past fears and…

Seven: We haven’t talked about our present ones.

Chakotay: Fair enough! I’m afraid this mission won’t help us to get any closer.

Seven: It isn’t just the mission. My feelings towards you...

B’Elanna storms in; followed by Tom. She’s very agitated.

B’Elanna: Oh; here you are! Starfleet’s Borg Super Star!

Tom Paris: B’Elanna! We should go...

Chakotay: Commander Torres! You’re this near to spend tonight in the brig.

B’Elanna: She sent a bait message to Section 31 to get us all onboard.

B’Elanna fumes. Chakotay doesn’t believe it. Tom is drowsy.

Seven: Computer favored a crew with experience in the Delta Quadrant.

B’Elanna: Your little trick brought along my only daughter, whose life is now in danger like everyone else’s in this restyled Voyager.

In an instant; Bhytor and Thamas pop up. They’re on pajamas. Thamas cries and jumps on Seven’s laps. Bhytor is defensive.

Thamas: Bhytor is mean!

Bhytor: Mother! He wants to play seek-and-hide with the Borg drones.

Seven gets up with Thamas. Bhytor grabs her hand.

Seven: Come with me! You two need assignments and bubble lights.

Chakotay: Please, don’t go...

Seven speaks in low voice.

Seven: Sorry; I don’t want to hurt you further.

Bhytor addresses B’Elanna.
Bhytor: She’s exploring or something.

B’Elanna: We all do... kiddo!

Chakotay is frustrated. Seven begins to leave with her children.

Chakotay: Seven...

B’Elanna tries to provoke Seven.

B’Elanna: They’re not real. You know!

B’Elanna grimaces. Thamas responds by making Queen’s faces. Seven ignores B’Elanna... at least for now.

Miral: Miral to mother! We need to talk something vital.

B’Elanna: Miral! You shouldn’t even be here... in this stupid ship.

B’Elanna collapses. Tom tries to assist his wife. Miral doesn’t know what’s going on.

Chakotay: Doctor! We need you back in the Mess Hall area.

Doctor pops up again and checks on B’Elanna.

Doctor: No worries; Mr. Paris! She hyperventilated. Help me to get her to your quarters.

Doctor and Tom carry B’Elanna out. Chakotay stumble upon a couch. B’Elanna feels so drunk. The three step in the room and fall heavy in bed. Doctor takes a look at his two friends. Tom snores like a wart hog. B’Elanna is smashed. Her words don’t make any sense. Doctor goes back to the Mess Hall to scan a dozy Chakotay. He’s dazed by the readings. Neelix shivers in his closet. Harry has forty winks. Doctor gladly admires his younger reflection in a metallic slat-wall, placing his hand around the jaw.

Doctor: Computer! You see? Now we’re talking.

Computer: As I told you earlier, you’re not psychotic.

Voyager transwarps through Borg conduits in absolute silence.

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