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Love is love, as daily prompts turn into the colors of the rainbow. Written for the 2015 Twelve Trials of Triskelion, Week 7, Daily Prompts.

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Genre: Drama, Family, Friendship, Humor, Romance, Slash, Tragedy
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Series: Interphases
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Published: 28 Jun 2015 Updated: 04 Jul 2015

1. Chapter 1 Wisdom (Red) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (301 words)

E2 timeline.

I write the ship with two kicks back in time (e. g. the first attempt to right things fails). This scene takes place during the first, during the book, The Three of Us.

2. Chapter 2 Fairness (Orange) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (298 words)

E2 timeline.

The Ikaaran species is canon, although full-blooded Ikaarans are never seen, and only one's name (Esilia, Jonathan Archer's wife) is ever mentioned. I write Ikaarans as having a major population problem on Ikaaria, causing them to separate their children by gender and send out single-sex work gangs to farm or mine. After a few years, the ships return, and another set goes out. I also have them handle their population problem by building in a form of genetic self-destruction, an early death they call 'the decline'.

In canon, Archer meets Esilia when her ship is caught in a spatial anomaly. I follow that, but since I provide two kicks back in time, Esilia is only there for the second go-'round. This scene takes place during the first.

3. Chapter 3 Grace (Yellow) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (297 words)

Prime timeline. This is a direct sequel to Bread.

4. Chapter 4 Melancholy (Green) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (258 words)

E2 timeline again. Kelsey's story is told in more detail in the prime timeline in the story In Memory of Kelsey Haber.

5. Chapter 5 Distance (Blue) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (294 words)

E2 timeline, taking place during The Three of Us. These guys are the other couple. When Lili was hired, she replaced Preston, who was moved over to Navigation as a part of the amp-up to the Xindi War. Preston shows up in More, More, More! and Before the Fall; Luke shows up in A Perfect Note.

6. Chapter 6 Generosity (Indigo) by jespah [Reviews - 2] (273 words)

E2 timeline. I write two kicks back in time, and a similar scene occurs in both. Chris is involved both times. This is a missing scene of either The Three of Us or Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.

7. Chapter 7 Perseverance (Violet) by jespah [Reviews - 1] (299 words)

Back to the prime timeline, and what life is like when you're part of an open marriage. Direct sequel to Temper and Tumult.