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Summary: Christine Chapel gets the best surprise of her life.
Rated: K
Categories: Alternate Universes, Original Series Characters: Chapel, Christine
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
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Series: Dreams Realized
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1173 Read: 6915
Published: 03 Jul 2014 Updated: 10 Jul 2014

1. The Visitor by Cowgirlcadet1701 [Reviews - 2] (323 words)

2. She's a Lady by Cowgirlcadet1701 [Reviews - 3] Liked (393 words)
Since I don't know how to put actual links to the songs in the story, you'll have to copy and paste if you want to hear.

3. Out Of My Dreams by Cowgirlcadet1701 [Reviews - 4] (457 words)