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Summary: Worf has a hard choice ahead of him. Chancellor Gowron has taken charge of Klingon Defense Forces fighting in the Dominion War, and has been sending General Martok to endure one humiliating defeat after another. Such dishonorable conduct demands a response, but Martok has chosen not to take action.

Feeling he still must take decisive action, Worf reflects on the hard choices he has had to make knowing that the cost of his silence too steep a price to pay.
Rated: T
Categories: Next Generation, Deep Space Nine Characters: Dax, Ezri, Dax, Jadzia, O'Brien, Miles, Odo, Picard, Jean-Luc, Sisko, Benjamin, Worf, Yar, Tasha
Genre: General
Warnings: Character Death, Violence
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Published: 29 Nov 2011 Updated: 29 Nov 2011
Story Notes:
Like an earlier challenge entry, this is a story of character introspection.

The narrative is largely an addendum to the DS9 episode "Tacking Into the Wind" that also contains dialogue and events from the DS9 episode "The Way of the Warrior" and the TNG episodes "Heart of Glory", "Sins of the Father", "Reunion", "Redemption, Parts 1 and 2", and "Birthright, Part 1". Also contains a never before aired scene that takes place shortly after the events of "Heart of Glory".

Flashback sequences are indicated in italics to differentiate from the scenes in the "present".

1. The Cost of Silence by Enterprise1981 [Reviews - 7] Liked (3284 words)