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Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07 Apr 2021 13:27 Title: 10/10 – “The End is Only the Beginning.”

Alas, the baryon particle sweep is the most embarrasing Trek blunder with basic physics. You don't want to remove all the baryon particles from your ship because that would involve removing all the protons and neutrons (thereby dissolving all of the molecules that make up the ship) as protons and neutrons are baryons. You wisely sidestepped this nuclear physics faux pas a little with the qualifier "dangerous baryons..."

Altee is a ripe bastard, isn't he? Visions of glory and empire - pretty much the generator of the worst behavior humanity (and its alien cousins) has on offer. And Dark Star's ruminations on mythology are both amusing and to the point.

A fun story and perhaps the kernel of tech for your QD series.

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response: Thanks for making your way through yet another of my stories. I'm glad you managed to catch-up on this one as it will provide quite a bit of context to what's happening over in the QD-proper stories.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 18 Jan 2018 23:43 Title: 10/10 – “The End is Only the Beginning.”

Altee is evil ... well, that's not surprising. Star still alive? Surprising. Something is definitely up and the transporter, for all the trouble it's caused, seems like it's going to be at the center of an even bigger storm soon.


Looking forward to seeing the continued adventures of things here. 

Author's Response: Yeah, the story will definitely continue and we'll see these characters again down the road at some point. Really appreciate your reviews here and glad that you enjoyed this story. Hope you'll like what comes next.

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