Reviews For The Stranger
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Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 May 2015 21:04 Title: The Empress Hoshi Sato (January 30, 2156)

Glad to see Daniels is finally taking some responsibility for what he has done. I shudder to think what the Mirror Government will do when he refuses to undo Jun's life.

That's a nice twist at the end, Daniels finally facing his own morality.

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you.

It is an uphill battle now, to try to get Jun to live. But at least now Rick's got a purpose.

Reviewer: Zilley Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 May 2015 13:17 Title: The Empress Hoshi Sato (January 30, 2156)

Oh, a very clever little kind of epiphany at the end there. He finally finds some purpose and some resolve. A lovely way to wrap up the series!

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you for reading and for your kind reviews!

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 23 May 2015 16:03 Title: The Empress Hoshi Sato (January 30, 2156)

Well, he finally grew a conscience, which I'm glad to see. But I think it was too late for everyone else ... he left a lot of pain in his wake while trying to figure out who and what he was. I hope he can be a good father, that he can have redemption.

Author's Response:

As much as he can - which isn't much, but circumstances will dictate that. Jun is temporally paradoxical. First Born is about Rick's efforts (and Carmen's, too) to save Jun's life. Because the Mirror government is not going to stand on ceremony.

Many thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 23 May 2015 14:56 Title: The Empress Hoshi Sato (January 30, 2156)

Holy shit. I mean ho-lee shit. The one time he finally decides to be a human being, it's the time he megaotrically detonates another universe's timeline?  Sounds about right for our intrepid explorer. 

Interesting he invokes the name of Christ here. In a way, he's sort of an anti-God here, from a Christian perspective. While the God of Christianity sacrificed his son to save humanity, Rick is willing to sacrifice an entire universe to save his son.  It just reinforces his selfishness that the universe he's screwing isn't even his own. 

I'm curious to see how you resolve this, so clearly, I'm going to have to check the larger story out. 

Great job with these ficlets, Jes.  They've been thought provoking. 

Author's Response:

Many thanks. Jun is, in a way, like John Connor in the Terminator franchise. He does not belong. What I didn't have room to explain is that Jun displaces Kira (he's a he), the rightful heir to the throne. How you fix this (or at least minimize the temporal damage) yet allow Jun - an eventual tyrant, just like dear old Mom - to survive?

Stay tuned. ;)

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 23 May 2015 12:16 Title: The Empress Hoshi Sato (January 30, 2156)

OMG! There's a twist and a turn up for the books. That was definitely different and yet it speaks to the man who kept seeking something but didn't know what. Obviously, more space and time would allow this theme to develop further but I think the first six ficlets did build towards that characterisation. This last ficlet perhaps rushes the conclusion but similarly the idea crystalises for Rick Daniels very suddenly too, so matches. Nicely done and a neat arc to these ficlets.

Author's Response:

I thank you. Rick's search for love (while having to adhere to the tyrannical prime timeline) is at the core of the Times of the HG Wells series.

Reviewer: CaptainSarine Signed [Report This]
Date: 23 May 2015 12:09 Title: The Empress Hoshi Sato (January 30, 2156)

Aw! Nice story to round this up, showing Rick having to deal with the consequences of his actions by going against the agency. Great stories all around, will need to use some of the review challenges this time around to catch up on the larger stories these are attached to. Well done!

Author's Response:

I thank you so much for reading and reviewing. And, yea, the timeline is a tyrant but he's got to go against it for Jun's sake.

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