Empathic Soulmates by zeusfluff

Instead of Riker pursuing a command path aboard various starships, he works as a doctor at Starfleet Medical. He meets Troi when she is admitted for a broken arm. Riker always follows one rule: Never fall for a patient, even if it’s a beautiful woman. But he can’t help but feel a strange connection between the two of them. *A different sort of AU fanfic.*

Will and Deanna embracing

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Chapter 4: Caught Under the Rubble by zeusfluff

“We need all doctors to report to the 4500 block of Main Street, there’s been some sort of explosion and it’s leveled several houses.”

Riker’s heart was beating wildly in his chest, but he was a professional, he had to remain calm and help those who needed him. There was going to be a lot of wounded. He hoped Deanna was alright.

There were several large piles of debris and rubble when Riker arrived at the 4500 block of Main Street. Will began digging, he was afraid of what he was going to find. He heard a woman crying, so he decided to call out.

“It’s alright, we’re here to help you. I’m a doctor. I’m Doctor Riker. Can you tell me you’re name?”

He could tell the woman was struggling under the rubble. He could almost reach out for her hand. Finally grasping her fingers, he tried reassuring her. Riker could hear a muffled cry, of what he was sure was her name.

“Cara. Cara Martins. Please get me out! My baby isn’t moving! Please!”

Will became afraid, but he had to keep his professional demeanor up. Swallowing he cleared his throat and grasped her fingers gently.

“Everything’s going to be alright. We’ll get you out. We’re going to make sure that you and your baby have the best chance possible. Now, how far out are you from your due date?”

He was still removing rocks and debris, and he could now hear her voice more clearly.

“I still have 8 weeks to go…”

Clearing even more rocks away from the pile, he could see Cara’s face, blond hair matted to her head and crystal clear blue eyes staring back at Riker

“Alright, we’re working as fast as we can to get you out. Don’t struggle. Are you feeling contractions? Abdominal pain? Back pain?”

Cara couldn’t move, but she kept talking to Riker, hoping that they were going to free her from the tomb she was in.

“I think I’ve had a couple of contractions, but I’m not sure.”

He wished he could just simply beam her out. But with all the debris, it just wasn’t possible. The more rock and debris Riker moved away from the downed houses around him, it was getting easier to reach Cara. Finally, he could see her entire body coming into view.

She had scratches on most of her body and a large gash on her head. She tried moving, but Will put a hand on her shoulder to keep her in place.

“It’s best if you don’t move until we know the extent of your injuries. Once we know that you’re in good condition we’ll beam you directly to Starfleet Medical. May I get your permission to examine you?”

Cara nodded her head and closed her eyes for a moment and took a breath and let it out. Scanning her with a medical tricorder, he shook his head. He was surprised she was still alive. She had internal bleeding among other things.

“So how am I doc? What’s the prognosis? How’s my little girl?”

Three questions he knew he had to answer and they weren’t going to be easy.

“Well right now not so good, you’ll need exploratory surgery to see where the bleeding is coming from. We’ll need to also perform an emergency C-section to get your daughter out safely. You have a placental tear.”

Cara blinked back a few tears. Then she looked around her, a worried expression on her face.

“What’s wrong? Does something else hurt?”

Shaking her head fear began to cloud her eyes.

“Please my neighbor, she’s trapped under here too somewhere.”

Will’s breath hitched in his throat slightly, but he remained calm.

“What’s your neighbor’s name?”

Swallowing once more Cara looked upward and shook her head no.

“Deanna. Deanna Troi.”

He nodded his head seriously and looked to two nurses that had an anti grav stretcher handy. Placing Cara on it, they took her away. He began digging in a different spot, moving debris and rocks, looking for any sign of Deanna. He’d find her, if it was the last thing he did. He wasn’t going to give up on her. She was under the rubble, and she needed his help.

To Be Continued…

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