Star Trek: Canary "Prolog" by RobertCanaryII, RobertScorpio
Summary: Robert Canary didn't plan for adventure...but does that really matter?
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1. Prolog by RobertCanaryII

Prolog by RobertCanaryII

The Naissance Dysonsphere;
Star Fleet complex

Once again; he was alone. But it wasn't as if he didn't like being alone, he just missed the fact that his father would soon be leaving again, and he did miss his father when he was gone on one of his missions. But because his father was an important Star Fleet officer, other officers would look in on this young boy and he would be expected to behave them in his father's absence. One of those Star Fleet officers was none other than Admiral Kathryn Janeway.

Robert Lawrence Canary was the young boy's name. He was twelve-years old, and as fate would have hit, his father was Captain Jonathan Canary. They both lived inside the massive Dysonsphere known as the Naissance at the main Star Fleet complex located on continent, 4A .

Robert's father, Captain Jonathan Canary, commanded the USS Emprenda; a D7-class Klingon battle cruiser. The mission of the Emprenda was simple enough; bringing endangered animals, and plants, throughout the known galaxy, to the Naissance and giving them a chance to survive on one of the more than 14,000 continents that clung to the inside hull of the Naissance.

Due to Captain Canary's being away most of the time, Robert pretty much lived by himself in the quarters they shared. When Robert was not at school, he engaged in one of his many hobbies.

Among his favorite things to do were rock collecting, playing violin and piano, collecting ancient coins and he also liked to draw. One of his favorite items to draw was his mother; Michelle Canary. Robert's mother was assimilated by the Borg. And unlike others, she did not return when the Borg were finally defeated months earlier.

Robert watched as his father came out of his room holding two duffle bags, and wearing his Star Fleet uniform.

"Dad," Robert said to his father, "when am I ever going on one of these rescue missions with you? I think it would be cool."

"Cool," Captain Canary said as he looked down at his son, "where did you learn to use a word like that?"

Robert smiled.

"In history class we're reading about the 20th Century," Robert replied, "that was one of their favorite expressions for something great to do. I thought it sounded," Robert paused, "cool, so I'm going to use that word too."

Jonathan smiled at his son.

"My son," Jonathan said, "the history expert." Jonathan knelt down and placed his hands on his son's shoulders. "Robert," Jonathan said to his son, "your mom would be so proud of you; you have to know that."

Robert nodded his head.

"I know dad; sometimes I believe she's here with us; keeping watch. Does that sound stupid?"

Jonathan smiled.

"No, it doesn't sound stupid at all," Jonathan told his son, "I think it sounds….cool."

Moments later, Jonathan Canary beamed away and Robert headed off to school.

There was a beautiful park separating the officers' quarters and the Star Fleet operations center of the Naissance. Located next to the massive complex was a school for children. As he did on every school day, Robert walked along the path to the school with his good friend Rochan Jadhav.

Robert and Rochan were the same age and were in the same class together. Rochan's father was Hament Jadhav, a Lt. Commander and was a science officer who worked with Admiral Janeway and Commanders Julian Bashir and John Waters.

"So," Rochan said to Robert, "your dad is leaving again isn't he?"

"Yeah, he's on some mission to somewhere," Robert said, "someday I'm going with him."

Rochan laughed.

"And what would you do," Rochan asked, "play your violin on the bridge?"

"Hey, I can do other things than just playing violin," Robert replied.

"Like what," Rochan fired back with.

"Ummm," Robert thought, "I could help geology studies, or, help take care of the plant life they find on the way back."

Suddenly, up ahead, they saw what was about to be a very tense situation; Ross Andru.

Ross Andru was fifteen years old and a school bully. As Robert and Rochan made their way down the path toward school, they saw Ross Andru and his friends encircling a girl with blond hair. She was roughly the same age they were, but was a newcomer.

"We're going to kick your ass," Ross said to the girl, "unless you give us that Tri-corder of yours!"

The Tri-corder the girl was holding was one of the newer models, and was very sought after by the young set.

Never wanting the innocent to go unprotected, Robert and Rochan ran over and stood between Ross Andru and the new girl.

"Back off, Canary," Ross said with angry eyes, "or you might get hurt; again."

"Ummm," Rochan said to Ross, "Robert will kick your butt!"

Ross glared at Rochan, then back at Robert.

"Oh yeah," Ross said, as he stared directly into Robert's eyes, "you and what army?"

Robert gulped….

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